Monday, August 8, 2011

Antonov’s Vodka Mixed Drink - The Newest Toast of the Town!

There's no other great way to kick off the my food blog's 1st year but to party! As I celebrate this momentous occasion in my foodie blogging life, Antonov Vodka made its stylish debut recently, as Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. launched the new product line in an exclusive event attended by trade partners. Antonov vodka mixed drink brand endorser VJ-actress Solenn Heusaff leads the pack of hip partygoers from the industry and charmed the night’s guests with a soulful serenade. Beside her are the hosts of the event Cesca Litton & JC Cuadrado. An exciting roadshow of the party scene’s new “it” drinks is set to delight wholesalers in Northern Luzon this July.

Solenn Heuseff

Antonov Vodka in Apple, Ice and Mandarin Orange variants

Mixing it Up: How to Throw a Great House Party
Going out to bars and clubs with friends or officemates is the usual way to unwind after a long week of work, but going to the same haunts over and over can get real old, real fast. To get out of that bar-hopping rut, it’s time to go back to basics—throw a party right in your own home!
Having a shindig at your place is both cool and practical. You can have complete control over how you and your pals spend the evening—your kind of music, your kind of food, and your kind of beverages—and without spending too much. To get you started, here are the basics for throwing your own little get-together at home:
Create a party playlist
Having a wide variety of party tunes is a great way to keep everyone at your party moving. Create a special party playlist for every party you throw, incorporating the latest hits, oldest but goodies, personal faves, and the particular tunes your pals love. Slip in some slow songs in between the fast ones for a little down-time as well.
Prepare a smorgasbord of snacks
Party food is no longer limited to the usual chips and dip. Get creative and mix up your menu. Go global, for instance: bite-sized Mexican enchiladas, Japanese sushi and sashimi, Chinese dimsum, Italian bruschetta, Filipino chicharon, British fish and chips, and mini-German sausages! A spread of food as varied as this is sure to fuel your party ‘til the wee hours.
Stock up on handy pre-mixed drinks
Of course, it’s not a party without some alcohol. Treat your guests to something both delicious and easy to drink. Pre-mixed beverages like Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks are a great option—they come in a variety of flavors, and come in handy 330 ml bottles. Not only can your guests grab the flavor of their choice, but they can easily carry their drink around while mingling.
Made from high-grade ingredients at a party-friendly price, Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks comes in three refreshing flavors: crisp Apple; Ice, a zesty blend of lime and grapefruit; and tangy Mandarin Orange. Just like the songs on your playlist and the pica-pica on your table, a fridge full of Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks is sure to have something for each and every one of your guests.
A great party means a lot of memorable moments. With the right people, and the right mix of music, snacks, and drinks, you’re in for an unforgettable night, all in the comforts of home. With that I would like to say, happy 1 year to my baby, The Strolling Spoon! Lets all dance and enjoy life not just with fantastic food but with amazing drinks as well, concoctions that will keep the party goin' courtesy of Antonov Vodka! Cheers!