Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Diamond Hotel's The Lobby Lounge: A Sweet-tooth's Paradise

Here in TSS, I've been pretty much open with my love for anything sweet and that I think I have the worst case of having a sweet tooth. I really have an immense affinity to desserts, especially to cakes that are too beautiful to be devoured. Speaking of these eye candies, another great thing about the Diamond Hotel's Lobby Lounge is that they offer a variety of cakes and pastries that will truly capture not just your meticulous eyes but also your sweet appetite - just like exactly what happened to me - I went gaga and overly excited after seeing and trying out their wide selection of pastries and ice creams. Join me in this amazing experience, check out these pretty pastries and let me know what's your favorite. As for mine, better read between the lines...

First on our list of these dainty pastries from The Diamond Hotel and The Cake Club is the Ispahan, Diamond Hotel's homage to dessert God Pirerre Herme. This pink pastry, almost like a big macaron de Paris, is made with fresh raspberries, lychees and rose essence. I definitely love the combination of the fruity flavors in it, the raspberries and lychees really go very well together making this pastry so refreshing. Dig in til you reach the center and indulge into a lychee cream that will undoubtedly satisfy and cleanse your palette.

Ispahan, 280 Php

The rose essence also jives well to the already fragrant berries and lychee aroma. Its essence is very inviting and will surely tickle and excite your tastebuds. The cream balances out the acidity from the fruits, giving out a subtle sweet and fruity freshness and everyone will surely adore. A perfect cake to show someone how much you love them and how special they are.

Ispahan, 280 Php

This next cake, as for me, is a relative of Ispahan, almost having the same structure but varies in hues and taste. I am talking about the lovely, Vanessa. It's bright green color depicts the presence of pistachio as the flavor for its macaron base and filling. You'll love how these flavors marries very well with the strawberries - such a feat that truly made this pastry unique and very special.

Vanessa, 250 Php

What I also noticed the most about this cake is that the sweetness of the strawberry center cuts through the pistachio flavors of the filling and the macaron giving your tastebuds an interesting twist. Vanessa is actually considered as the GM's favorite among their pastry selection. No wonder, with its beauty and amazingly exquisite taste, this pastry can easily find its way into one's heart. 

Vanessa, 250 Php

The only rectangular cake among the group, Le Royale exudes with great elegance and delicious chocolate taste. Imagine layers of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, almond meringue and hazelnut mousse and crips, this cake is truly a chocholic delight. I personally love the subtle sweetness in it, highlighting more into its chocolaty goodness. The mousse knocked me off my feet, it was smooth and creamy, the most perfect dark chocolate mousse I've tasted. 

 Le Royale, 250 Php

The dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse combined with the almond meringue and crisps is stellar! It was very good that one try is not enough and that I can eat the whole cake (they actually have it in a square size, . It was like having my favorite Ferrero-Rocher in a whole cake, soo heavenly that I actually had a hard time putting its goodness into words. True to its name, the quality and taste of this cake suites those of the royalties, even the gods.

Le Royale, 250 Php

Another chocoholic delight is the Supermoist Chocolate Cake. The name actually says it all - superb chocolate experience up to the last bite. I really got excited seeing this cake, the pretty details and designs into it hides a rich and awesome chocolaty goodness! Aside from that you'll fall into how moist this cake is, another feat that you could not miss when trying this cake out. Just amazing.

Supermoist Chocolate Cake, 250 php

If you're looking for something that is different and has an interesting taste, then the Mont Blanc is a must try. Being a pastry shop staple in Paris and Tokyo, this cake is famous for its uniqueness and distinct taste. Made with fresh chestnut paste, chantilly cream and prunes soaked in dark rum in almond tart, this cake truly has a defined taste that everyone will be curious about.

Mont Blanc, 250 Php

The combined flavors of its ingredients including the subtle sweetness of its chantilly cream (sweetened whipped cream with vanilla or brandy) is very much well rounded that you'll love it even at first bite. The prunes seemed to give it a Moroccan twist which as for me made it more like a fusion-cuisine-inspired cake. I also liked how they used the cream to make the cake look even more interesting.

Mont Blanc, 250 Php

Moving on with our list is the hotel's most luscious cheesecakes, Guia and the Baked Cheesecake. What makes these two cheesecakes different? Well, the Guia is actually made with a touch of maple syrup and some walnuts. The taste of the maple syrup greatly complements the flavors of the walnuts and the cheesecake itself.

 Guia, 250 Php

Apart from its usual cheesecake counterparts, Guia exhibits an amazing smooth and creamy texture and at the same time combining the bite and crunch from the walnuts. You'll love how these flavors and textures tickle your palette giving you such a wonderful, mind blowing and rich cheesecake.

Guia, 250 Php

The Baked Cheesecake on the other hand is simple yet very astonishing. Reputed as the cheesiest and richest cheesecake in the metro, this is one basic cake that one shouldn't miss. So to all cheesecake lovers out there, this one is a must try!

 Baked Cheesecake, 250 Php

These cakes are even more perfect when paired with a good cup of coffee. Whether you want it hot or cold, The Lobby Lounge can whip you up the best brew you've could ever try. Their Sumibi Coffee, a premium Kohikan product has a superior, full-bodied taste and an unforgettable aroma.

Sumibi Coffee, 190 Php

For those who prefer cold or iced coffees, you can try their Iced Winner Caramel. You'll love its strong coffee flavor sweetened with a kiss of caramel. The cream also makes this drink more subtle. Surely a drink that will win your heart! 

Iced Winner Caramel, 230 Php

Another coffee-based creation that will entice you (well it did for me, soo much!) is their Kohi Jelly. A combination of premium Kohikan coffee jelly, coffee-flavored ice cream and whipped cream - a heavenly mix that will surely sweep you off your feet. The moment I actually had a spoonful of this, I   was delighted and unstoppable until I finished it. It was really, really good.

Kohi Jelly, 250 Php

Aside from cakes and coffee, The Lobby Lounge also has an array of ice cream selections - my favorite would be the Salted Caramel and Black Sesame. I love how the sea salt accentuates the deep flavors and sweetness that the caramel have. The two flavors really go along together making a harmonious mixture of creamy ice cream. 

Salted Caramel

The Black Sesame is something new that I've tried and though it was the first time, I really liked it. The texture of the sesame seeds combined with the richness of the ice cream is very interesting, delicious enough for you to crave for more scoops.

Black Sesame

Other ice cream flavors are actually variations from the cakes like the Ispahan, Supermoist Chocolate Cake, Le Royale, Baked Cheesecake and Mont Blanc. Other exciting variants include Genmaicha (Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice), Azuki  (Red Bean), Taro-Jackfruit, Melon and Apple Pie.

Ispahan and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Taro-Jackfruit, Apple Pie and Melon Ice Cream

Black Sesame and Supermoist Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

I believe that sweet things bring in joy and the experience that I've had is truly remarkable. The Lobby Lounge is indeed a sweet haven for someone like me. It doesn't only offer sophisticated and delicious meals but also rounds up the whole dining experience by giving out sweet endings that are not only pretty to look at but also of high quality and of good taste. The Diamond Hotel truly knows to offer not only excellent hotel service but also great tasting fares that customers will come back for. No wonder that they're one of the finest hotels here in the metro. Visit The Diamond Hotel Philippines one of these days and experience luxury, superb customer service and sumptuous meals like you've never had before.

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