Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cupcakes by Mom & Tina's

Being a certified sweet tooth, I have been long in love with Mom & Tina's cupcakes. I can still remember an instance when I decided to share and recommend it to my colleagues. That day, I urged myself to wake up early (way earlier than the usual... hehe...) dropped by Mom & Tina's Cafe in Libis and ordered a box of their heavenly cupcakes. I bought several of their bestsellers - Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Swirl Banana and Red Velvet - it was such a hit that 3 of my friends asked me if I can drop by the cafe again and buy them their own cupcakes.

The very first time that I had a bite of these cupcakes was actually through my very good friend Cj (thanks much! ^_^). He actually gave it as a surprise, knowing that I am such a foodie and a sucker for such sweet delights. On that very first bite, I immediately knew that it'll be close to my tummy and to my heart; that I'll be dying just to have another chance of devouring these chocolaty creations. It was like love at first sight, fireworks started to appear while I indulge on each and every bite.

The Chocolate Fudge is a rich chocolate cake beautifully topped with a generous amout of chocolate icing (more likely an icing with chocolate ganache). The same topping goes for the Chocolate Swirl Banana, but the combination of flavors of the chocolate and banana is remarkable. This pastry creation is way better compared to other chocolate-banana cakes that I've had. The Red Velvet is such a darling - very simple and light, reddish cake topped with white royal icing. What I love about these cupcakes, aside from their pretty appearance is that they're not too sweet and still you can satisfy that chocolate cravings that you have.

Aside from their delectable desserts (there's a lot to choose from), Mom & Tina's also offers a variety of dishes that can satisfy one's craving for good and delicious meals, that I should share with you guys the next time I visit Mom & Tina's.

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