Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sweet Gift from a Dear Friend: Royce Chocolate

If you have been following and reading this food blog site, thestrollingspoon, you would know that I have the worst case of having a sweet tooth and that I have this long term and intimate relationship with desserts, most especially those created with chocolates. In fact, my very first blog post for my site is about one of the best chocolates that I have ever tasted. What I will be sharing with you guys now is a chocolate bar that is from the creators of that heavenly delight, much simpler yet still a delicious treat that any chocoholics cannot resist.

This Royce' Chocolate was actually given as a post birthday and Christmas gift by my very dear friend, Chrissie. I remember her asking me what do I want to receive as a present for the said two of my most favored occasions. Excited about what she will be giving, I told her to surprise me and just give me something that she thinks I am truly fond of. And there it was, a familiar paper bag that just by the mere sight of it made me childishly grin and smile like a clown.

The packaging was really cute, from the paper bag to the box (which is like a purse with a flap) that houses the ever yummy chocolate. What I have received is the regular milk chocolate with almonds, as in generous amount of whole, roasted almonds. Also, the chocolate was sealed with freshness, inside a plastic seal that you have to tear before devouring your sweets.

Enough with the talk and lets move on to my verdict about its taste. This chocolate tasted just like any expensive milk chocolates but what set it apart from the others is how the almonds bring such flavor to the milky-chocolaty taste that we already know. It's also smooth and melts just right in your mouth. I love that though it was not dark, there were still some hints of the bittery, cacao taste. The texture and crunch that was from the roasted almonds was also a feat to consider when having this sweet piece of real goodness!

Truly, this was such a great gift from a very dear friend. I think what made it extra special is the thought and friendship that comes with it. And just like what I am always vocal with, I am forever thankful to all of my friends, for without their love and support, thestrollingspoon will not be inspired to impart ideas and great passion for the food that we enjoy. So friends, feel free now to send me gifts that you think I might like.. haha! just kidding... Again, to my precious friend, Chrissie Adriano Santos, this gift of yours is highly appreciated and this post is dedicated to you...

Special thanks to my mommy Daney for letting me use her camera phone to take the pictures for this post. This will not be possible without your help mommy! Love love! ^_^

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