Monday, April 4, 2011

TSS meets a new BFF: The Strolling Spoon at The Best Food Forward Event

A great weekend can be defined by people's varying perspectives and activities. Why do I say so? Let's say, for someone who works at night, it's obvious that it is the best time for me to catch up and sleep for outrageously longer hours. Even the social butterfly in me loves the weekend, for it is when the best parties are usually held. But what is it in a weekend that really excites me the most? Deep slumber or an all-night party with friends? Could be. But there's actually something more that I am very passionate about; something that really tickles my senses just by the mere thought of it. *giggles* If you've been reading my previous blogs, I bet you already know the answer - dear friends who eat good food together, not on a typical Sunday, but on a date when me and my friends attended The Best Food Forward Event.

I was very lucky that for this event, my friends namely, Yedy, of the Yedylicious Food Blog, Bob, Cj and Trisha were able to join me. It was a strikingly hot morning but that didn't hinder us from enjoying this one of a kind foodie affair with a cause - proceeds from this event will go to the Bayan-anihan and the Unang Hakbang Foundation - such a great way to enjoy lots of good food and at the same time help others in need. On the way to the venue (the NBC Tent at The Fort) we did a bunch of chit chats and catching ups, for some of us haven't seen each other for quite a while. I am happy that also through this event, we're not only going to have one great deal of a food trip but also enjoy our foodie friends' company.

Upon arriving at the event, we bought our tickets, grabbed the new issue of the Yummy magazine (my fave foodie mag) and headed straight to the booths. A lot of bakers and merchants, both known and new to the food industry, have participated in this affair to showcase their goods and products to the people. Let me show you how TSS and his friends visited every kiosk and enjoyed the treats they offer to our hearts content.

Risa Chocolates
For orders and inquiries:
Mobile Number: +63918-9424573
Look for Risa

Decadently delicious chocolate truffles made fresh from the finest ingredients. Try this melt-in your mouth heavenly treat in different variants such as the Dark Rum, Cerveza Negra, Orange, White, White and Dark and Macha Milk. These bite-size treats will make you crave and fall in love with chocolates over and over again.

Cuadro Chocolate Bars; comes in different variants: Lets Rocky Road (it's like having an ice cream in a chocolate bar; the combination of peanuts, marshmallows and chocolate swirls are truly satisfying); TiraMissYou (Risa's version of the classic and all-time favorite Tiramisu; light and creamy chocolate dusted with cocoa powder); White Chocolate Almondation (white chocolate laced with the refreshing and nutty almond taste. topped with real whole roated almonds) and the Bittersweet.

Simply Pie
For orders and Inquiries:
Look For: Gail Genevieve Ang
Tel. Number: (02) 3412238, 4123677
Mobile number; +639228822194

Mini Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche

Spinach, Feta and Sun Dried Tomato Mini Quiche

Simply Pie offers Baby Pies, Puff Pies, Muffins and Healthy Cakes that you will truly crave for more with just a single bite. What I love more about these cute and tasty pies aside from its cheesy and meaty taste, is that they are made from organic and fresh ingredients making it a healthy alternative to the usual savory pies that we know.

Sugar Pie
Desserts by Tinapay
For orders and inquiries:
Mobile Number: +639178338862

Sugar Pie's specialty is its Signature Valrhona Fudge Bars. Each nibble oozes with rich and fudgy Valrhona chocolate streaming through walnut-laden oatmeal bars. A perfect chocolate fix for all chocoholics out there.

Dragonfly Desserts
For orders and inquiries:
Look For: Cheryl Ann Lim
Tel. Number: (02) 5069922, 4158003
Mobile Number: +639178780001 / +639098888802

Wicked Bites

The Dragonfly Desserts does not only offer these unique chili-chocolaty delights but also other pastries such as Chewy Cookies, Brownies and Bars, Tarts and Cakes that will surely tickle your taste buds. All of their pastries and desserts are prepared and baked fresh upon order and has no preservatives in it. They also use the freshest ingredients available to ensure the goodness of the products they offer.

The LowCal Cafe
For orders and inquiries:
Look for: Lindy Santiago
Tel. Number: (02) 8716508
Mobile Number: +639173205463

Fudgilicious Chocolate Cake & Healthy Carrot Cake

Yummy desserts without the guilt! - this is what LowCal Cafe is known for. Their desserts are sweetened with Isomalt, an all-natural sugar substitute extracted from sugar beets. Now, everyone can stay fit without sacrificing the goodness of cakes and pastries, all thanks to LowCal Cafe!

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez
For orders and inquiries:
Tel. Number: (02) 7225638
Mobile Number; +639178271518

Creamy, golden custard of the finest homebaked quality,
sandwiched in two layers of light and chewy meringue

Tropical Cashew Crunch
Amazing combination of flavors, the nutty taste of the cashew

highlights the creaminess of the custard.

Strawberry Sunrise
A fruity twist out of the classic brazo
- sweet strawberries and cream combined with the rich golden custard -
never tasted such great tasting fruity brazo before. yummy!

For an avid brazo de mercedes fan like me, it was such a delight to see them not just in one but in several variants that equally tastes good. Fantastic flavor innovations! I actually had a hard time choosing what variant to buy but whatever I may have picked, it was still a sure hit! I am now in love Supreme Brazo Bars!

Jimenez Bakery
For orders and inquiries:
Mobile Number: +639166064815 / +639195747784

Chocolate Crinkles
- chewy and rich; a quick chocolate fix the way I want it

For orders and inquiries:
Tel. Number: (02) 2179874
Mobile Number: +639178905747

Christa's French Macarons
a meringue-based confectionery commonly filled with jam or buttercream,
reminds me a lot of Blair Waldorf's comfort food.

Klar Joseph
For orders and inquiries:
Tel. Number: (02) 6339954
Mobile Number: +639175335527

Chocolate, Red Velvet, Brownie and Caramel

One of my favorites! I immediately became a big fan of their cupcakes upon tasting it. Try their The Diplomat, Bailey's and Red Velvet Cake (check my separate review of these stellar cupcakes) and I'm sure you'll have the same fondness as mine. All three are so great it made my heart jump out of pure pleasure and happiness! Owners, Klarrise and Joseph are also commendable not just in making these heavenly desserts but for being really nice and friendly to their customers. Great desserts with excellent customer service - perfect!

MedChef by Chef Hasset Go
Tel. Number: (02) 5856052
Mobile Number: +639154871332
Visit them at 139 Mo. Ignacia Ave., Diliman, QC

I've known MedChef through a friend and got so hooked to their Pastry Tower. Since then, I have planned on visiting their store at Diliman for the Dessert To Go Friday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do so since my place is quite distant from their store location. Finally, thanks to BFF, I was able to buy Chef Hasset Go's Signature Dessert, the Bread Pudding Creme Brulee and also meet the talented pastry chef personally. It was a quick yet a very interesting talk, mainly about their products and how they started their business of homemade cakes, pastries and desserts.

Bread Pudding Creme Brulee

I gave the Bread Pudding Creme Brulee to my little sister as an advance birthday gift and she liked it a lot. She said that she had never tasted a cake this good, simple yet very creamy and rich. I saw the same smile and happiness from my dad after eating that creamy and caramel tasting cake. He even asked me to bring him some of it again. haha!

Melange Fattisserie
For orders and inquiries:
Mobile Number: +639266200572 / +639063583943

Brownie Pops, Melange Fattisserie's cute and fudgy bestseller

Liqueur BonBons
For orders and inquiries:
Look for: Joana Lim
Tel. Number: (02) 5027941
Mobile Number: +639175783339

Absolut Chocnut Bons

Absolut Black Forest

Bacardi Rum & Raisin

Recently won the Authenti-City Award by ClickTheCity at the Best Food Forward Event for having the most original Click-worthy food offering. Who wouldn't love the great combination of liqueur and chocolates made into truffles; 3 bite-size truffles is said to be equivalent to 1 shot of the liqueur. All thanks to Liqueur BonBons, we can now enjoy our favorite drinks with a chocolaty twist. Congratulations!

Mobile Number: +639178310624 / +639228118771
Visit their stores at:
Unit 3 The Cliffhouse, Maharlika East, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
FIC Summer Cafe, Alabang Town Center
BF Paranaque
Marquee Mall Angeles City

Mochiko offers ice cream filled mochi which is a Japanese confection made of glutinous rice flour or "mochiko". Mochi are usually filled with a sweet center such as "anko"or red bean paste and eaten as a snack. Through Mochiko's innovation, we can now enjoy the delicious mochi filled with our favorite ice cream flavors such as mango, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even caramel. Add to that their new flavors namely black sasame, azuki (red bean) and green tea. A perfect summer treat to everyone who loves to eat their ice cream with a bite and an added twist.

Nuiu Life Cuisine
Tel. Number: (02) 55318888
Mobile Number: +639175283283

Managed by Marjorie Magtoto, a registered nutritionist and dietician who can create satifying meals based on your dietary needs, this cuisine caters to those who want to still eat gourmet food without the guilt of taking in too much calories. They have created balanced and calorie-controlled gourmet meals that will keep your body fueled throughout the day. Eating healthy can never be this good, and it's delivered right to your door.

After indulging in all of those sweet treats, it's already lunchtime and we're all craving for something heavy and savory. We decided to occupy one of the picnic tables provided at the Outdoor Grilling Area of the event and order scrumptious meals from different kiosks of our choice. We got some Lechon Cebu, Food Guru's Chicken and Angus Beef Kebab with Biryani Rice and Peanut Butter and Company's Fish Diablo Pasta.

Lechon Cebu
- juicy and tasty pork that goes very well the vinegar and steaming hot white rice -

Food Guru's Angus Beef & Chicken Kebab
- mouthwatering beef and chicken meat grilled to perfection,
infusing the flavors of bell peppers, onions and carrots to the meat -

Peanut Butter & Company's Fish Diablo Pasta
- creamy, nutty and deliciously spicy peanut butter sauce
tossed into al dente pasta and fresh fish cutlets -

Tired but very happy, The Best Food Forward Event was indeed a success. It was such a great gathering of food entrepreneurs and food lovers who have made an impact on how we can help others in need and still enjoy good food at reasonable prices. This kind of events reminds us that even though we are going through tough times nowadays, there are still aspects in our lives that we have to enjoy and celebrate - being alive, being able to eat delectable meals and having good old friends to share our meals with everytime. Events like this should be done more often, for it gives people an avenue not just to showcase what they can make but also to help people find great stuffs at affordable prices. With that, TSS is looking forward for more fantastic weekends and more BFF's in the future... cant wait! ^__^

The Best Food Forward

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