Monday, February 7, 2011

Be Enlightened with Bizu's Nirvana Cake

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated on how cakes are made - from how bakers stack each layers of the bread, smother it with the sweet icing and then decorate it with all the colorful and creative things that I could ever imagine. I also remember how I anxiously ask my mom to buy me a slice of any cake that I could find that time. She also told me that I even cry hard just to have them get me one (silly, spoiled kid... haha!). Luckily, she did buy me a piece every time. I think that's the reason why I have been so devoted with cakes. It was not merely love at first sight but more of an innate feeling to not just eat and appreciate its goodness but also be amazed on how they look like.

Speaking of my amazement, there is this one cake that has swept me off my feet the moment I saw it. It was actually a gift from a friend who knew how I'm so into cakes and pastries. I asked where it was bought and upon knowing, have myself visited the nearest branch to my place. I was like a child again, glancing the display counters of Bizu Patisserie, looking at their edible works of art on parade. The special cake that I am raving about is called, Nirvana, and I bet you guys are all excited to know why...

The Nirvana is a dome, mousse cake covered with dark chocolate ganache' and pistachio paste at its core. Just like any other mousse cake that we know, this cake is best eaten cold (though it still tastes great at room temperature). What I admire the most about this darling, aside from the smooth, velvety mousse is its rich chocolate flavor that lingers in your mouth at every bite. I also cannot help not to love how the pistachios, especially the paste at the center, adds a nutty depth of flavor to the cake. It gives the cake a certain twist that makes it different from the others.

I must say that this cake is not just pretty to look at but is also a great piece of heavenly goodness here on earth. You'll love every bit of this cake and will surely crave for more. With that, you can get their grande sized cake and indulge for more of its chocolaty taste. This is a sure hit to all chocoholics out there, such a delight that can bring one's craving for cakes to enlightenment!

Bizu Patisserie

Phone: 8126451/8126027

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