Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bizu's Babylon: One of the Wonders of the Pastry World

After being enlightened by the Nirvana Cake, I cannot help myself not to drop by Bizu again and check out their amazing selection of beautiful cakes and pastries. So, one sunny weekend afternoon, before going home, I decided to give them a quick visit (Bizu Greenhills is the nearest branch from my place) and buy something that would really make my day extra special. Glancing at their display of fancy cakes gave me such hard time choosing which lavish treat should I take home with me. All are intricately decorated and delicious, you can immediately tell that it's good just by the mere sight of it. I was really frayed by the chocolate and coffee flavored ones, but I can only get one that time so I kept on looking and reading the descriptions of each cake, until I encountered a name that greatly reminded me of my favorite structure in the Seven Wonders of the World way back my high school History class. Finally, I arrived to a great decision and bought the Babylon French Cake.

Babylon, a remarkable name for a pretty cake, indeed. Its name is actually derived from the Ancient City of Babylon and its Hanging Gardens which were created by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BC. He is said to have constructed the gardens to please his homesick wife, Amytis, of Media who longed for trees and fragrant plants of her homeland. Equally whimsical and beautiful as that of the Babylonian wonder is this cake, a reason that I think what made Bizu call it as it is.


What set the Babylon apart from its chocolate counterparts is its light and fruity raspberry mousse over layers of infused almond sponge with creme brulee surprise. I love the smooth and creamy texture of the sweet mousse that blends really well with the acidity of the bright red raspberry glaze, giving every bite an interestingly sweet and desirable citrusy taste. What adds more into its goodness is the mild flavors of the almond sponge, chocolate decors, pistachios and cherry on top. This cake doesn't just look dreamy but also tastes luscious and refreshing, perfect with a smoothie on a fine, sunlit day. Its so good that I was able to finish it in no time! (I hurriedly opened the box upon getting home, took quick pictures of it for my food blog then ate all of it without asking my peers if they want some... haha!)

Without a doubt, it is a splendid experience to have such great tasting cake and at the same time learn something more about our rich and historical civilization, all because of it's appealing name. This cake is truly a must try! Love this cake a lot! Thanks Bizu! ^_^

Bizu Patisserie

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