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Heavenly Cupcakes from the Kitchen of Klar Joseph

I am a certified sweet tooth and a pastry lover. Since I was a kid, I am always seen eating either a slice of the classic Chocolate Chiffon Cake (I used to call it CCC) or any of my favorite chocolate bars. I remember one time when a friend asked me if I could give up having dessert and just have a heavy and delicious main course and end it right there. I laughed and said no, of course. I'd rather skip the full meal and go straight on indulging some heavenly desserts like these delicious cupcakes from the Kitchen Of Klar Joseph. It's my first time to taste their cakes, and from that moment on, I fell in love with it.

When I first saw their booth at the Best Food Forward event with a bunch of beautiful cupcakes on display, I immediately got excited and told myself that I have to try and buy some of the these gorgeous and truly enticing mini cakes. I got more elated when I saw that they're offering my favorite cake variants namely the Red Velvet, Classic Black and White, Brownie and Caramel.

The Kitchen of Klar Joseph were owned and managed by Klarrise (the pastry chef) and Jay Francis, very cute couple who share great passion for food and desserts. They warmly accommodated us and allowed us to experience how good their cupcakes are. Jay first invited us to try their Classic Black and White Cupcake and I must say that it was simply delicious. It is a vanilla cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting topped with thin white chocolate shaving. This cupcake is perfect for those who love the balanced sweetness and taste of vanilla and chocolate. The glossy dark chocolate buttercream frosting amazingly complements the fluffy vanilla cake, making it a great tandem. This cupcake, being black and white in color, reminds of a formal party, a great pastry addition to your future light and shade themed event and gathering.

Black & White

Next on their list of heavenly delicious cupcakes is the Caramel. It is a caramel flavored vanilla cake generously topped with creamy caramel frosting. What I love about this cake is that it is not too sweet and the frosting doesn't overpower the mild flavors of the cake. True to its tagline of "sugar and salt make everything nice", the sweetness and caramel flavors of this cupcake is well balanced by a bit of saltiness making it an interesting alternative to its chocolate counterparts. The salt also highlighted the great flavors of the sugar producing a perfect tasting caramel. It's also yummy and simple yet very sophisticated to look at, the black vanilla seeds (I think) add a great touch of elegance to this cake.


Another equally great tasting cupcake is the Chocotella. Imagine a chocolate cake with nutella mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting - a sure hit to chocoholics and choco-hazelnut lovers like me! I am a self confessed addict not just to chocolates but also to the nutella hazelnut spread. My mom never fails to send me big jars of this for most of the time, I eat it with a spoon as an instant dessert (haha!) I love how this cupcake combined two of my favorite, great tasting flavors and then making it into one delectable cupcake.


Let's now move on to more of my favorite cupcakes, this time with a very chic classic, the Red Velvet Cake. I have loved this cake for a very long time now but tasting Klar Joseph's version made it even closer to my heart. It tastes exceptionally good as how dainty it looks like. I love that it's reddish, moist cake has a hint of chocolate taste. What brought tears to my eyes after tasting it is the cream cheese frosting that greatly rounds up the goodness of this cake. The flavors, especially the richness of the cream cheese frosting is truly admirable and astonishing. The combination of the cake and the cream cheese frosting is so divine that I have to take some of the cupcakes with me at home. Best Red Velvet Cake that I have tasted so far!

Red Velvet Cake

I didn't see this cupcake at first but I was surprised when Jay asked me and my foodie friends to comeback for this another fabulous cakevariant - Bailey's cupcake. Upon hearing it's name, I already got excited for whether it is a cocktail or a cupcake, I cannot deny the fact that I am so into Bailey's Irish Cream (I even coined my Siamese cat's name into it). No one can resist this very luscious treat - Klar Joseph's signature chocolate cake with Bailey's cream filling and frosting - talk about the goodness of chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream in one fantastic sweet treat! Amazing!


Last but definitely not the least is my most favorite cupcake of all - The Diplomat. An interesting and unique name for a cupcake, the Diplomat, is said to lessen tension and promotes better understanding through its velvety and rich chocolaty taste, something that they regarded as the Valrhona diplomacy. This cupcake is insanely good that by giving it as a gift and eventually tasting it can melt the recipient's heart.

Made from the best and the finest French Valrhona chocolate, this cupcake is composed of rich and moist chocolate cake with chocolate filling and glossy ganache on top - a very delightful chocolate fix that many chocoholics will surely love. It tastes enchantingly awesome as it looks very plain and elegant (love that simple gold decor on top) and is like a food fit to be served only for the Gods.

The Diplomat

True to their passion of being always faithful to dessert, Klarrise and Jay Francis of the Kitchen of Klar Joseph really did a great job not just in creating fantastic and great tasting cupcakes but as well as in delivering excellent service to their customers. Now, I am not only officially hooked and a fan but also a proud new foodie friend for them. I suggest for you guys to order your cupcakes now and have the same fondness as mine. These heavenly cupcakes by Klar Joseph are The Strolling Spoon Certified!

Jay Francis and Pastry Chef Klarrise of Klar Joseph

The Kitchen Of Klar Joseph

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