Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday Brunch at Bizu Patisserie and Cafe: A Live Blog

It was a great and sunny weekend morning. After having so much fun watching the movie 127 hours last night and greeting my loved one a pleasant start of the day, I'm up again to fulfill another of my crazy cravings. This time I'm going to Bizu Patisserie and Cafe in Greenhills for a good and laidback brunch before getting into more complex and exciting activities this Sunday.

Nothing beats a hefty Filipino breakfast to kick off your easy Sunday mornings. So, upon getting their menu, though they have a lot of dishes to choose from, I landed on the page where I got enticed of their Classic Tapsilog, pairing it up with my favorite Earl Grey Tea.

Just by the look of it, simply plated on a big, ceramic plate, this dish is really mouth-watering. It's aroma smells really delicious, what more when it comes to taste. This meal comes with two sunny side up eggs cooked the way I want it, two cucumber slices, garlic rice and a generous amount of well marinated, tender beef - just enough to make someone full and satisfied. And not like the usual beef tapa that we enjoy with vinegar, you can eat this one without any other condiments or seasoning at all. It is already delicious and flavorful as it is.

What I also love about this meal is the well marinated beef where in you can experience a combination of sweet-savory taste. Add to that the juices coming from it that appends a great amount of flavor to the already delicious and flavorful garlic rice. Another thing that makes me go crazy about this meal is how they have cooked their sunny side up eggs. And when you combine all of these yummy stuffs on your plate into a single spoonful and eat it, you cannot help not to be astounded of the immense scrumptious "tapa experience". Its like having an authentic Filipino tapsilog with a gourmet twist - very, very, tempting.

Another notable thing that they serve is their complementary bread and butter. The bread is handed out warm, fluffy with some crusted parts and soft insides, not really sweet but just had the right oven-fresh flavor to it. I love their butter. It is rich, smooth and creamy and goes very well with the bread. Its simplicity boasts an amazing taste.

I also ordered Earl Grey Tea which goes along harmoniously with the Tapsilog and most especially with the bread. Its very relaxing and though you can have the same kind of tea elsewhere, what makes it different, I think, is having it in the patisserie wherein the ambiance is very cozy and vibrant.

Before leaving, I noticed something on their menu that made me extra happy about what I have eaten. I took a picture of it so that I can share it with everybody. No wonder the food they offer is really good and tasty. Check on the picture and read on. Another happy (and full) customer is coming out of the Bizu Patisserie and Cafe! The Spoon is out and strolling again! I wonder where my feet and palate will be bringing me this time.. haha! Happy Sunday everyone! :)

Bizu Patisserie

Phone: 8126451/8126027

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