Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rainy Sunday at MoMo! Cafe

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I really got bored rolling all over my bed and hugging my pillows all day. Boredom kills, so after uploading the pictures that I needed for my future blog posts, I decided to go out and have an early dinner... alone...

I preferred to go out alone since I will be focusing into writing entries for thestrollingspoon; that way, I will not be passing on the boredom to anyone and at the same time be able to think and brainstorm efficiently (yes, sometimes I tend to be such a loner; but i actually benefit a lot from being one... trust me... more focus, less expenses... haha! kidding... ^_^) Along the way, I was actually thinking of a place where I can be fed and at the same time be able to finish my blog posts conveniently. Then there was MoMo!, conveniently located at the entrance of the Eastwood Mall. I was starving much (I only ate pansit canton for breakfast and its way passed lunchtime) so I immediately checked their menu and asked for a table for one.

I have actually eaten at MoMo! several times. I have learned that it was from the same people who gave us Chelsea and M Cafe. The food is in share portions and since I am alone, it will be a blast for my hungry appeptite. As a start, I ordered the MoMo! Gourmet Salad. I so loved the arugula mixed greens, they are crunchy and sweet - meaning they are actually fresh and not store bought. I also adored the other components of the salad - roasted garlic shiitake mushrooms, candied walnuts, fresh white cheese, sliced oranges and hard boiled eggs. Most chefs say that the perfect salad should have the perfect dressing. For this salad, they tossed it raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette. I actually find it too sweet but complement the greens and the totality of the salad really well.

The MoMo! Gourmet Salad, 225Php

Next, I had their Good Morning Pilipinas! as my main course. First thing that I noticed was the plating - very simple yet inviting - it must be the plate that looks like a record vinyl that made it looked very interesting. It's one of their breakfast meals that includes, vegetable omelet (more likely an ensalada omelet without the green mangoes), garlic rice, beef tapa and some sausages (unfortunately, when I ordered it, they didn't have the sausages available; they added more tapa instead). This set is also accompanied by some condiments: lemon-flavored vinegar, atchara and mixed fruits (diced melon, green apples, and watermelon) for a quick dessert. I was actually amazed by the vinegar, dipping the tapa on it makes it more delicious; it adds a layer of sourness to the sweet and salty beef tapa. The omelet combined with the garlic rice is just right - really perfect for a good breakfast (though it was actually time for a merienda... haha!)

Good Morning Pilipinas! and condiments, 295Php

I really enjoy having good food with "something" to drink. And when I say "something" it should be special, so I had a Strawberry Flavored Frozen Iced Tea to accompany my heavy early dinner craving. I was supposed to order the guava flavored one but it is not available, so I settled to just have the strawberry instead. It has the right sweetness and acidity to it, tastes fresh and the frothe' was to die for. Never had such a great fruit flavored iced tea before.

Strawberry Flavored Frozen Iced Tea, 110Php

I really enjoyed my MoMo! experience though there some downsides that I cannot help but notice. First is that the place feels a little crowded and the crews are all over the place. They are also not very attentive; imagine that I have to ask them twice just to have a glass of water. Also, others may consider dining at this resto a bit pricey (500php for my meal). Nevertheless, the food is of great quality and I will surely be back to try their other dishes.

After strolling around and having good food, it was then a fun and productive Sunday for me. I was able to talk to my friend, B’ley of and as I quote her “masarap kumain ng mag-isa kung minsan, pero mas mkumain nang may kasama”. I truly agree with her. In fact, I always eat together with a bunch of colleagues and friends. I am actually not used eating alone but then I believe that sometimes, we have to spend some quality moments with ourselves. Going out alone might be boring and lonely but for me, it is just one way of knowing myself more, reflecting on to things that may be different when I’m with a group of friends. Nothing is wrong with being alone for some time. What’s important is the fact that though you have chosen to be alone for a day, you still have friends that will always love to be there and join you when you need them. Don't worry guys, I am not an anti-social or something. I am just your strolling spoon ready for the adventure about food and what life has to offer.

MoMo! Café

Space A-124 Ground Floor, Eastwood Parkview Mall, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
900-1006 / 900-1007 (Phone) (Email)

Credits: Special thanks to for the MoMo! Gourmet Salad photo....

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