Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken Charlie, The Strolling Spoon's Newest Addiction!

"What a perfect day to be rewarded and have an amazing food trip", that's what I exactly whispered to myself after racing with time and running a lot of errands after work. It was such a busy morning, so I decided to relax by grabbing by favorite Spring Peach Iced Tea and then went to meet up with my dear friend, Yedy, for another exciting food review. All thanks to Spanky Enriquez of the Manila Boy Blog for inviting us into this another great affair - an event in a restaurant that has been intriguing me for already quite a time, a foodie place no other than the Chicken Charlie!

Today marks Chicken Charlie's first anniversary and to celebrate it, let me give you a quick tour down the memory lane where it all started and further introduce you to the BonChon fried chicken that made me crave for more after every bite. Ifore Yu, young entrepreneur and owner of Chicken Charlie (named after his dad, Charlie) said to have loved the BonChon that he tasted during his stay in New York. When he came back to the Philippines, he decided to create his own version of that Korean/New York style fried chicken and mastered the process of double-frying. And to share his delicious discovery to everyone, he opened his first store at Retiro-Banawe, then expanded and built a second store in San Juan and now the third branch in Malate.

The process of double-frying is what sets Chicken Charlie apart from the usual fried chicken that we know, for it takes a significant amount of the fat, making the chicken extra crispy (even without any breading) and grease-free. Since they only use 100% natural oil, Chicken Charlie contains 0% trans fat - outrageously delicious treat without the guilt!

Chicken Charlie Wings in Soy-Garlic & Spicy (poked with a stick)

What I love more about Chicken Charlie, aside from its undeniably crunchy exterior is its tender and juicy meat. Their flavorful fried chicken wings and drumsticks are not also drowned in sticky sauce but instead hand brushed with their signature soy-garlic or spicy sauces, making the glaze just enough to cover and add a layer of flavor that will surely tickle your taste buds . If asked which of these two glazes should I go for, I might have a hard time and end up having both since each has its own distinct taste that is a sure hit to the palate. Also, each chicken wing or drumstick is a perfect balance of flavor and texture, giving you an extraordinary delicious taste and a soul-satisfying crunch like no other.

Chicken Charlie Drumsticks in Soy-Garlic & Spicy (poked with a stick)

Aside from their fried chicken bestsellers, Chicken Charlie also offers great meal starters such as Potato Wedges and Cheesestick Dynamite. Their Potato Wedges are made from fat and fresh European potatoes cooked with the skin on - a perfect chicken side dish the way I want it. It's also not like any other french fries that we can buy in some fast food chains for theirs has more bite and texture into it and is cooked with 100% natural oil. (healthy! healthy!) Nothing really compares to the taste of the real thing.

Potato Wedges

Cheesestick Dynamite is another way to fire things up when dining at Chicken Charlie. As what Ifore have mentioned, this fiery treat should come with a warning sign because of its delicious spiciness that will surely elate your appetite. Imagine one big green chili coated with creamy cheese, wrapped in wanton and then deep fried to perfection - nothing but a creamy, spicy and intense burst of flavor in your mouth. Dip it in garlic mayo for an added layer of flavor and creamy taste.

Cheesestick Dynamite

For drinks, Chicken Charlie also offers something new to the public aside from the regular sodas and iced tea - Bundaberg Sarsa Parilla and my personal favorite, Ginger Beer. These two goes very well with the fried chicken - the Sarsa Parilla, with its root beer and cola flavors makes every gulp sweet and refreshing while the Ginger Beer, with its mild and inspiriting flavors cleanses the palate making you crave for more of the flavors from both the soy-garlic and spicy chicken glaze.

What's even better about Chicken Charlie is that everything is freshly cooked upon order which means that you're getting excellent quality food made with the best ingredients possible. And if you're on a tight budget and you don't want to sacrifice the taste of your food, Chicken Charlie also got your needs covered. Their prices are very affordable and is truly worth it. Prices are ranging from 99php/4pcs to 235php/10pcs for wings and 199php/4pcs to 379php/8pcs for the drumsticks. They also have the Charlie's Bowl that for only 59php you can already eat strips of their famous soy-garlic glazed chicken and sauce on top of steaming hot white rice - a delicious and satisfying meal for people on the go.

Charlie's Bowl

Visiting Chicken will not only allow you to experience good food and amazingly delicious fried chicken but at the same time first-rate customer service that will truly round up your visit to be worthwhile. As what Ifore have shared with us, Chicken Charlie wants to give out the best not just in terms of food but also with regards to the whole dining experience.

Ifore Yu, Young entrepreneur and Owner of Chicken Charlie

friendly service crews of Chicken Charlie

Truly, my experience with Chicken Charlie is exceptional. I don't usually eat chicken wings but through their superb quality and taste, they have made me crave for it and eat it like there's no more tomorrow, haha! Next time, I'll be visiting one of their branches with friends, to spread the love and share this great news, that only Chicken Charlie can deliver. ^__^

For franchising inquiries contact them at:

Tel. & Mobile Numbers:
Banawe: (02) 742-3333, 475-3781, 0932-2519475
San Juan: (02) 477-7422, 736-9315, 09323125854

Email: chickencharlieph@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.chickencharlie.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chickencharliephilippines

Visit their branches at:
Banawe: 808 Banawe Street, Barangay Sienna (near C-3)
San Juan: 15 J. Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio
Malate: 1635 Adriatico Street, Malate Manila


  1. Addict! Addict!

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    advanced happy easter, buddy!

  2. haha! i think it was a tie and we need another chicken charlie eating session to break it! hahaha! :)

    thanks a lot spanky! as always, we had a great time!

    happy easter too! :D

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  5. Looks delicious! I hope they have a branch here in baguio city..

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  6. hi phoebe! thanks for dropping by my site. it was really delicious, they don't have a branch in baguio yet but let me know if your coming to manila, i might be able to bring you to one of their stores here... thanks again for following my food blog! :)