Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rodic's: One of Life's Simple Pleasures

Who ever said that a satisfying meal should be expensive doesn't know where to eat and have fun. Yes, you heard me right. As for me, a delicious gastronomic experience involves certain aspects and not just the food we're having. Few of the criteria that I always assure to meet when food tripping is that it has to be spent with friends (or the friend that I have in me when nobody's available) and of course it's affordability.

One of my favorite food trips happened within the vast and green vicinity of the UP Campus, of course with my friends and colleagues from work. It was a random decision, since our cravings are far more stronger than thinking of wheresoever to eat after work. Who could ever resist the lingering taste of Rodic's Tapsilog early in the morning? I say, no one. So after a shift of taking in too much calls, it's time to reward ourselves, have fun and eat something good without feeling guilty with the price we have to pay.

UP surroundings are best explored in the morning. I love the cold breeze that touches my cheeks, the lush green trees that are very cool and refreshing to look at and that grassy, good smell that I have only encountered in this campus. It makes you want to go back from the past and experience how to be a student again. But what makes me comeback in this campus every time, aside from the Chocolate Kiss Cafe, is Rodic's - a simple yet an extraordinary canteen for they do not only offer appetizing student value meals but the best Tapsilog that I have ever tasted.

Unlike the other restos that offer this famous Filipino breakfast meal, Rodic's is perhaps the first to offer it in an entirely different way. Instead of the typical cured pork or fried beef tapa, Rodic's has added its own signature twist to the dish, serving the tapa shredded (like it this way, more bitesize, less hassle of eating it... haha! very lazy me... ^_^) with a mound of steaming and flavorful garlic fried rice topped with a sunny side-up egg (exactly the way I want it).

You can actually eat it the regular way but I prefer to have it all mixed up, combining the rice with the shredded tapa and slightly cooked egg yolk. For more twist, I add their special vinegar to the mixture; bringing out the sweet flavor of the cured meat which also served as an effective flavor binder for the egg and the rice (darn! writing all of these makes me want to grab a plate of Rodic's Tapsilog... *sigh*) Consuming this great meal at this way is both a killer and a winner! (haha! which reminds me of eating 2 plates plus another meal that time... no kidding... yum!)

I bet you're thinking that 2 plates of tapsilog is far more than enough. But for such a foodie like me, it's not. My very good friend, Cams, ordered a meal called Sisigsilog (sisig, sinangag, itlog) and since I am envious and a sisig lover (and a glutton... haha!), I decided to try one as well. To my surprise, upon getting my sisigsilog, I was doing the same mixing process that I did with the tapa (this time with calamansi). And after a few minutes, without talking, I consumed it all up! It was one of the best sisig that I have tasted. It's not like the ordinary sisig that I can get from certain bar grills. Their version has the right layers of flavors into it: meaty and clean, spicy but not overwhelming, a bit peppery but not to salty.

Rodic's has been around for more than 5 decades now and with the prime location at The UP Shopping Center, they have been continuously filling up the gustatory needs of budget-conscious students and diners wanting to experience the best tapsilog ever. So, the next time that you'll step foot inside the UP Campus, try to ask a student where you can find a place for good food and I'm sure you'll get Rodic's as an answer. Every Iskolar ng Bayan knows it and before I end up this blog let me share a saying that I have heard during my visit in UP: "You cannot truly call yourself an iskolar ng bayan if you haven't tried Rodic's. "


#9 UP Shopping Center, UP Campus, Quezon City
#14 Masaya Street, UP Village, Quezon City
Tel: (02)920-7668, (02)9217361, (02)9206980, (02)4364389

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cake is Sweeter the Second Time Around: The Chocolate Kiss Cafe 2

If you have been reading my previous posts, you might have stumbled upon my first foodie encounter with such great cakes and dishes at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe. Since then, I wasn't able to get over how good their food was so I decided gather up some of my friends at work and head to one of my favorite food & dessert hotspots in QC.

Going back to UP Campus gave me a different kind of vibe. It felt very laid back and relaxing, must be the trees that surrounds the whole campus. It's good to know that after working stressfully for long hours, you can still go to a place wherein you'll be satisfied both gastronomically and emotionally. Why do I say so? Well, with the kind of work that I have, it was actually proven that a lot of us are suffering from different kinds of stress and burnout. Being a food enthusiast, one way of recovering from these ailments is to get your comfort food, enjoy it with your friends, laugh, talk and hang out.

Speaking of comfort food, mine has a lot to do with something sweet. My fondness of sugar goes way back when I was a kid. Let me share a short story about it. According to my mom, it all started with my great amusement with beautifully decorated cakes. From just being amazed, it all turned out to be an addiction. Every time that we will go out, I always ask my mom to buy me a cake or a bar of chocolate. There was even a time that I cried a lot after going to a birthday party because I was not given even a tiny slice of the celebrant's cake (haha! poor me... ^_^)But it's different now and I can get all the cakes that I want, especially cakes from Chocolate Kiss Cafe.

What we had this time is actually the same as before but still very interesting (I just don't know how to get over my favorites). Cams and Smol decided to get the Chocolate Kiss Suite to experience all cake variants that they offer and since they're also having a hard time picking what to get (all of their cakes are very, very irresistible). We had square cake slices of each: Devil's Food Cake, Carrot Cake, Dayap Cake and Kahlua Butter Cake. The Devil's Food Cake is stellar, can't help not to love the chocolate cake with rich chocolate fudge filling. The Carrot Cake (Cams loved this so much)on the other hand, is guiltless. I find it a healthy way to enjoy such a sweet treat, recommended for those on a diet. For those who want to try something different, try to taste the Dayap Cake and I'm sure that a slice will not be enough. It's actually the Pinoy Version of the Lemon Cake. I love how the hint of the dayap mildly gives this cake a light yet very refreshing flavor, perfect after a heavy meal. Lastly, my favorite Kahlua Butter Cake which goes very well with a cup of coffee. I cannot forget how smooth the butter icing was and how the coffee flavor lingers your taste buds at every bite.

As for LA and I, we had Cinnamon Cheesecake and the classic Blueberry Cheesecake respectively. What is amazing about these two cakes is that they're very simple yet exquisitely delicious. The Cinnamon Cheesecake is mild, smooth and not overpowering. The flavor of the cinnamon mixed with the crust blends really well with the creamy cheesecake. Add to the the thin chocolate ganache covering the top, just enough too add a chocolaty feel to the whole ensemble.

Nothing beats the classic. I must say that I have fallen in love with their Blueberry Cheesecake. It has the right sweetness to it that tastes really well when blended with the tangy and sweet blueberry sauce. A perfect dessert without any complications.

The iced tea that was served is a work of love wherein you need to pour in and balance the sugar syrup and the tea mix they way you prefer it. For additional organic iced tea feel, you will also be given a calamansi that you can squeeze over your drink. Unlike other cafe's that offers the usual iced tea that we know, this one from Chocolate Kiss is healthier and more refreshing.

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe, with its homey and cozy ambiance, is really one of the best places that you can ever find - good food, excellent desserts and a relaxing feel that every busy person needs to have. So, if you happen to be near their area, I recommend for you to slow down and pay this interesting cafe a visit. Surely, a cup of coffee with some delightful desserts with friends will be worthwhile.

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City
GF: +63 (2) 4333782 2nd flr: +63 (2) 4347430
Open everyday, from 7:00am to 10:00pm
Visit them at:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Forget Love, I'd rather eat at Chocolate Kiss Cafe

"Forget Love, I'd rather fall in chocolate". I love this quote very much. Why? Well that is because aside from the fact that I am a certified chocoholic, this quote somehow embodies a certain aspect of my life. What aspect?! Is it me being single or a bar of a good dark chocolate can actually lure me to forget about love??? Haha! What do you think??? Well the answer is both a yes and a no. I have been single for quite a time now and that I am actually waiting for Cupid to finally hit me with his love-infused arrows. At the same time, I have been long in love and commited with chocolates. I am sure anyone (or should I say me... haha!) will have a hard time deciding what to pick. But enough talk about me (this is a food blog, not lovenotes or something, haha!) so I better stick to the main topic. I don't want to mislead you guys with my not so interesting lovelife... haha! Instead, lets go ahead and be thrilled at one of my favorite cafe/restaurants in the metro: The Chocolate Kiss Cafe!

It was a rainy Sunday morning when my Mommy Daney and Ian brought me for the first time to The Chocolate Kiss Cafe at the UP Bahay ng Alumni for breakfast (I do not have yet a food blogsite that time... ^_^). It was such a relaxing start of the day. I cannot forget how excited I am - giddying a lot at Kalabasa's back seat (mommy's car) while feeling the cool breeze kiss my cheeks as we pass through UP's ever green roads. So when we finally arrived, being all keyed up and hungry, we immediately asked for a table and started ordering.

I picked the Hungarian Sausage in Penne, Mommy Daney the Chicken Kiev and Ian the Daing na Bangus. I've never had such great tasting Hungarian sausage - it's spicy and at the same time savory, complementing the tomato pasta sauce really well. I also enjoyed the al dente penne pasta that is adequately covered with the sauce. I find it very simple yet exquisite - its plating with the toasted bread is uncomplicated and that can be done easily at home. Add to that the taste of the sausage that gives a kick to your every bite. It also makes the pasta dish different from its tomato-based pasta relatives.

The Chicken Kiev is astonishing. It is a roulade of tender chicken breast, pounded and then filled with cream cheese. butter and herbs served with a generous amount of mixed vegetables or garlic mashed potatoes and rice. This dish is loaded with such creamy goodness that everyone will love. The chicken meat is also remarkable - well-cooked with such flavorful breading and is still juicy and succulent - perfect for a white meat lover.

But of course, every Filipino breakfast will not be complete without the Daing na Bangus served with a sunny side up egg and garlic rice. This is such a classic Filipino dish that I really love. I can't help not to express how good the bangus was. The fish tasted very clean, well-marinated and fried to prefection. The fish and it's crust has the right saltiness in it that when dipped in vinegar creates a great deal of savory taste. Add to that layer the flavor of the garlic rice! A Filipino breakfast meal to die for! (well, I wish they included fresh tomatoes as a part of the dish...

For desserts, we had Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Sour Cream Cheesecake, Devil's Food Cake and Kahlua Butter Cake - all are amazingly delicious and such a great treat to have at any time of the day! The Chocolate Chip Cheesecake is a classic New York-style cheesecake with semi-sweet real chocolate chip morsels, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with more chocolate chips! I am a sucker for cheesecakes and its combination with chocolate chips is such a delight, more than the usual chips ahoy cookie that we can eat. It is smooth, creamy, simple and not too sweet. The same smoothness goes with the Sour Cream Cheesecake, an old fashioned cheesecake that is made even better by topping it with the cafe's home-made sour cream. I have to say that this cake is actually the simplest of all that I have tried. It's very straightforward with a hint of sourness (which goes well with the creamy, smooth texture of the cheesecake).

The Devil's Food Cake is such a darling. I love how elegant it can look like with those spiky marshmallow frosting. The taste is also superb with its deep chocolate cake and chocolate fudge filling! Such a sinful and delight that could actually leave you craving for more slices! Devilishly delicious I must say...

Last but definitely not the least is the Kahlua Butter Cake - a full-flavored coffee liqueur mocha butter cake with Kahlua fudge filling and coffee butter icing - a must try for all coffee addicts out there. I remember digging more often on this cake slice, the texture of the fluffy coffee flavored chiffon perfectly goes with the smooth and rich coffee butter icing, not to mention the filling that gives you the goodness of both mocha and fudge chocolate! What more can you ask for!

I am so glad that Mommy Daney and Ian brought me to this wonderful food haven that though were not able to sit and check the paintings in its gallery at the second floor, still the experience was very memorable and exceptional. That way, I was amazed and kissed - good food kisses from the Chocolate Kiss! For sure, I will be back and try more of their fantastic food offerings.

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City
GF: +63 (2) 4333782 2nd flr: +63 (2) 4347430
Open everyday, from 7:00am to 10:00pm
Visit them at:
Credits: Special thanks to Mommy Daney and Ian for the pics. love lots! ^_^