Thursday, February 17, 2011

CBTL's Toblerone Cheesecake

It was after a food event that I decided to buy (for the nth time) one of my favorite cheesecakes ever made and share it with my good friends at work. They, especially my boss, mother Anji, have loved and liked it as much as I do. Why? The thing is, it is created with all the great things that I easily fall for - cheesecakes and chocolates, most especially everybody's favorite Swiss chocolate, Toblerone.

I am actually in awe the first time I have tried this heavenly delight. I remember quickly dropping by CBTL Gateway Mall, one humid afternoon for some pink guava juice and to my surprise, this cake caught my attention. Just by its name - Toblerone Cheesecake - has swept me off my feet. So, I ordered a slice and intended to stay to indulge in this great deal of a cheesecake. Imagine a smooth layer of cream over a rich blend of chocolate and cream cheese topped generously with chopped Toblerone chocolate - such a gastronomic urge that no sweet tooth cannot resist.

Toblerone Cheesecake

What I love the most about this cake is the right sweetness and taste of the combined cream cheese and chocolate. Add to that the delicious milk chocolate, honey and almond nougat toppings that gave the whole ensemble its signature taste. I cannot help not to be amazed by how all of these ingredients blend harmoniously, resulting to a remarkably silky and luscious dessert experience.

Truly, this cake is to die for and will make you visit Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf everytime just to have this piece of heavenly goodness!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday Brunch at Bizu Patisserie and Cafe: A Live Blog

It was a great and sunny weekend morning. After having so much fun watching the movie 127 hours last night and greeting my loved one a pleasant start of the day, I'm up again to fulfill another of my crazy cravings. This time I'm going to Bizu Patisserie and Cafe in Greenhills for a good and laidback brunch before getting into more complex and exciting activities this Sunday.

Nothing beats a hefty Filipino breakfast to kick off your easy Sunday mornings. So, upon getting their menu, though they have a lot of dishes to choose from, I landed on the page where I got enticed of their Classic Tapsilog, pairing it up with my favorite Earl Grey Tea.

Just by the look of it, simply plated on a big, ceramic plate, this dish is really mouth-watering. It's aroma smells really delicious, what more when it comes to taste. This meal comes with two sunny side up eggs cooked the way I want it, two cucumber slices, garlic rice and a generous amount of well marinated, tender beef - just enough to make someone full and satisfied. And not like the usual beef tapa that we enjoy with vinegar, you can eat this one without any other condiments or seasoning at all. It is already delicious and flavorful as it is.

What I also love about this meal is the well marinated beef where in you can experience a combination of sweet-savory taste. Add to that the juices coming from it that appends a great amount of flavor to the already delicious and flavorful garlic rice. Another thing that makes me go crazy about this meal is how they have cooked their sunny side up eggs. And when you combine all of these yummy stuffs on your plate into a single spoonful and eat it, you cannot help not to be astounded of the immense scrumptious "tapa experience". Its like having an authentic Filipino tapsilog with a gourmet twist - very, very, tempting.

Another notable thing that they serve is their complementary bread and butter. The bread is handed out warm, fluffy with some crusted parts and soft insides, not really sweet but just had the right oven-fresh flavor to it. I love their butter. It is rich, smooth and creamy and goes very well with the bread. Its simplicity boasts an amazing taste.

I also ordered Earl Grey Tea which goes along harmoniously with the Tapsilog and most especially with the bread. Its very relaxing and though you can have the same kind of tea elsewhere, what makes it different, I think, is having it in the patisserie wherein the ambiance is very cozy and vibrant.

Before leaving, I noticed something on their menu that made me extra happy about what I have eaten. I took a picture of it so that I can share it with everybody. No wonder the food they offer is really good and tasty. Check on the picture and read on. Another happy (and full) customer is coming out of the Bizu Patisserie and Cafe! The Spoon is out and strolling again! I wonder where my feet and palate will be bringing me this time.. haha! Happy Sunday everyone! :)

Bizu Patisserie

Phone: 8126451/8126027

Friday, February 11, 2011

Max's Sweetest Valentine's Treat!

Max's is giving us another reason to fall in love even more and celebrate this season of hearts with them! Max's Corner Bakery, the bakeshop brand of our all-time fave, Max's Restaurant, launches its newest line of oven-fresh, scrumptious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, beautifully designed and garnished with layers of our favorite frostings.

Such true eye candies that every sweet tooth cannot resist, these latest saccharine treats are available in six variants: Cream Cheese, which happens to be my favorite, has a balanced taste of sweet and cheesy creaminess; Choco Espresso which is infused with coffee that makes its moist chocolate base even richer; Choco Caramel has the combined goodness of both smooth caramel and sweet chocolate; Double Chocolate, a certified chocoholic fave; Choco Strawberry, a chocolaty-fruity cupcake; and Troubador which is a fluffy chiffon cake topped with custard cake icing with rainbow sprinkles. These delights are made the same way as their cake counterparts, so with that, we're assured to have a similar delicious experience at every variant.

Also, in celebration of the love month, Max's Restaurant is opening its sweetest promo yet. For a minimum spend of 1,500Php from February 12 (which is today!) to 14, Max's diners can express their affirmation to their loved ones with a special Valentine's Day box of luscious chocolates for free - such a sweet indulgence from the Max's Corner Bakery!

In line with this great news was the Max's Pre-Valentine Bloggers' Night held last Thurday, February 10 at their Glorietta 3 branch. I really felt glad and privileged to be there . Me and my very dear friend, Yedy of the Yedylicious Food Blog, had so much fun. Being a frustrated pastry chef, I was so happy to see Ms. Sharon Aquino, Max's Corner Bakery's Cake Decorator, embellish the moist chocolate cupcake.

All the bloggers were given a chance to decorate their own cupcakes and share it with someone that they have picked via draw lots beforehand. Luckily, with a floral design, I was able to win the cupcake decorating contest and gave it to Karla of A job well done for The Strolling Spoon! Yey! It was the most enjoyable, amusing and sweetest bloggers' event that I've been to so far.

My winning cupcake design ^_^

Without a doubt, Max's has proven that they do not only offer good food but also delectable sweets and desserts that everyone will surely fall for. This Valentine's Day, avail this most romantic promotion. Show and spread some love, the Max's way. Simply because with Max's, Ang Sarap Mong Kapiling.

Max's Corner Bakery

Main office:
Max's Restaurant Marketing

Makati, Philippines, 1231
Phone:dial 7-9000 for Max's Delivery (Metro Manila Philippines only)

Be part of the Max's Online community by reaching them through the following:

Order & Pay Online


Special thanks to me ever loving friend, Yedy of Yedylicious for the pics that I used for this blog. Again, your camera saved me. Love Love! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Be Enlightened with Bizu's Nirvana Cake

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated on how cakes are made - from how bakers stack each layers of the bread, smother it with the sweet icing and then decorate it with all the colorful and creative things that I could ever imagine. I also remember how I anxiously ask my mom to buy me a slice of any cake that I could find that time. She also told me that I even cry hard just to have them get me one (silly, spoiled kid... haha!). Luckily, she did buy me a piece every time. I think that's the reason why I have been so devoted with cakes. It was not merely love at first sight but more of an innate feeling to not just eat and appreciate its goodness but also be amazed on how they look like.

Speaking of my amazement, there is this one cake that has swept me off my feet the moment I saw it. It was actually a gift from a friend who knew how I'm so into cakes and pastries. I asked where it was bought and upon knowing, have myself visited the nearest branch to my place. I was like a child again, glancing the display counters of Bizu Patisserie, looking at their edible works of art on parade. The special cake that I am raving about is called, Nirvana, and I bet you guys are all excited to know why...

The Nirvana is a dome, mousse cake covered with dark chocolate ganache' and pistachio paste at its core. Just like any other mousse cake that we know, this cake is best eaten cold (though it still tastes great at room temperature). What I admire the most about this darling, aside from the smooth, velvety mousse is its rich chocolate flavor that lingers in your mouth at every bite. I also cannot help not to love how the pistachios, especially the paste at the center, adds a nutty depth of flavor to the cake. It gives the cake a certain twist that makes it different from the others.

I must say that this cake is not just pretty to look at but is also a great piece of heavenly goodness here on earth. You'll love every bit of this cake and will surely crave for more. With that, you can get their grande sized cake and indulge for more of its chocolaty taste. This is a sure hit to all chocoholics out there, such a delight that can bring one's craving for cakes to enlightenment!

Bizu Patisserie

Phone: 8126451/8126027

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sweet Gift from a Dear Friend: Royce Chocolate

If you have been following and reading this food blog site, thestrollingspoon, you would know that I have the worst case of having a sweet tooth and that I have this long term and intimate relationship with desserts, most especially those created with chocolates. In fact, my very first blog post for my site is about one of the best chocolates that I have ever tasted. What I will be sharing with you guys now is a chocolate bar that is from the creators of that heavenly delight, much simpler yet still a delicious treat that any chocoholics cannot resist.

This Royce' Chocolate was actually given as a post birthday and Christmas gift by my very dear friend, Chrissie. I remember her asking me what do I want to receive as a present for the said two of my most favored occasions. Excited about what she will be giving, I told her to surprise me and just give me something that she thinks I am truly fond of. And there it was, a familiar paper bag that just by the mere sight of it made me childishly grin and smile like a clown.

The packaging was really cute, from the paper bag to the box (which is like a purse with a flap) that houses the ever yummy chocolate. What I have received is the regular milk chocolate with almonds, as in generous amount of whole, roasted almonds. Also, the chocolate was sealed with freshness, inside a plastic seal that you have to tear before devouring your sweets.

Enough with the talk and lets move on to my verdict about its taste. This chocolate tasted just like any expensive milk chocolates but what set it apart from the others is how the almonds bring such flavor to the milky-chocolaty taste that we already know. It's also smooth and melts just right in your mouth. I love that though it was not dark, there were still some hints of the bittery, cacao taste. The texture and crunch that was from the roasted almonds was also a feat to consider when having this sweet piece of real goodness!

Truly, this was such a great gift from a very dear friend. I think what made it extra special is the thought and friendship that comes with it. And just like what I am always vocal with, I am forever thankful to all of my friends, for without their love and support, thestrollingspoon will not be inspired to impart ideas and great passion for the food that we enjoy. So friends, feel free now to send me gifts that you think I might like.. haha! just kidding... Again, to my precious friend, Chrissie Adriano Santos, this gift of yours is highly appreciated and this post is dedicated to you...

Special thanks to my mommy Daney for letting me use her camera phone to take the pictures for this post. This will not be possible without your help mommy! Love love! ^_^