Sunday, December 12, 2010

confessions, confections and coffee sessions v.03: Childlike...

I know, this might sound stupid but every time I grab a cone of ice cream, it feels like I'm going back to the time where I used to be little dandan... To be a kid again excites my senses, merely because I think I had a fun-filled, wonderful and happy childhood. Who can ever say no to an experience of revisiting the earliest part of your life, wherein most of us dwell just to enjoy and appreciate the very essence of our existence. Nothing compares to that very light feeling of being a child - not having to worry about work and playing around as if life is problem-free, add to that the fact that you can easily choose every ice cream flavor that you want (as for me, it's FIC's raspberry rapture!!!) I don't know why but every time this creamy comfort food touches my taste buds, it feels like heaven has sent down angels to bring me such heavenly delight. It is made of fresh raspberries, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream that when combined gives you that distinctive taste that will leave you speechless and crave for more.

Talking about how much I love this ice cream flavor and being a kid profoundly reminds me of a phrase from my Child Psychology class back in college "the Child is the Father of the man". This line is actually from William Wordsworth's ode to nature, My Heart Leaps Up, which relates to us the idea that the traits and qualities imbibed in us when we're still kids will be the major influence of how we see life during adulthood. What we think as children will help determine how we think or behave as adults (well, that's how I perceive it... ^__^). It also relates that childhood is the most important stage to instill good qualities that will be reflected in the future. I think it is the spontaneously unselfish love of the small child which makes the transition to full adulthood possible. Of course, this love does often tend to be overshadowed for a time by the almost too rapid growth of the competitively-trained and curious adolescent intellect, and this unbalance of mind and heart surely accounts for the pains of adolescence. Yet to the degree that we guide our actions by our earliest, grandly unselfish, outward-reaching love -- now immensely strengthened and broadened by our knowledge and experience -- by so much does the true adult come to birth within us.

We all started as little, wimpy kids with high hopes and dreams. As we grow, let's not forget to always look back to those joyous and precious days of being little. Whatever we learn or experience now, will definitely help us in our later life... I think that's the reason why ice creams are made, or candies and sweets - for us to be connected to the child in each of us. In life, we have lots of decisions to make; we are always given an option and it us up to us what to choose. And just like the old days of how we select the ice cream flavor that we want, I say, favor whatever you think can make you satisfied and happy. Embrace life and all its wonders. Remember not to be childish, but instead be childlike.

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